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5 min readJun 14, 2023

There was a time when the internet was a chaotic frontier where everyone had an equal voice, and out of that era emerged Reddit, a platform designed to democratize content through upvoting and downvoting. However, as is the fate of many online platforms, commercialization and centralization have diminished the spirit of equal participation. Reddit is great, but has left a gap where users aren’t rewarded for their curation and comments. Fear not, a new paradigm has risen:, a blockchain-based evolution designed to empower creators and users alike.

The Dawn of the Co-Creative Economy

Current X Change (cXc) has launched a novel, blockchain-based, multi-token economy called Purple. Its objective? To empower co-creation. Each participant is provided with up to 288 tokens, known as SOL, per day for free. These tokens are used to “upvote” or “Up” content posted on, a map-based decentralized application (dapp). The creator is then rewarded with another token, BLUX, each time their content receives an Up.

BLUX and SOL are dynamic tokens; their supplies increase and decrease each day as they are earned and spent. Contrarily, PURPLE tokens, another critical element in this ecosystem, have a max supply of 35,831,808 tokens. These tokens function as staking assets, providing their owners with daily Ups or BLUX tokens. The staking mechanism makes a continually evolving platform, with content visibility and user rewards adjusting in real-time.

Why is The Next Reddit

The comparison with Reddit doesn’t fully encapsulate the transformative potential of This platform takes content sharing and curation to new heights by rewarding creators and consumers in the co-creative economy.

The sophisticated tokenomics on ensure that engagement is rewarded, mimicking Reddit’s upvote system but with tangible benefits. It’s a step ahead in the social media revolution, where tokens replace likes, shares, and upvotes, giving value back to the creators and users who generate it.

Moreover, the unique geographic element of the map-based dapp ensures that content creators gain exposure on local charts. Whether you’re in France or a small city in the United States, the platform recognizes and rewards your contribution.

A Platform for All

From musicians to artists to writers, has plans to accommodate creators from all walks of life. The platform’s first application, cXc Music, is set to revolutionize the music industry by providing an even playing field for musicians across the globe.

Purple’s designer, Douglas Butner, a musician himself, stated, “As a musician, I’m stoked to launch Purple on cXc Music because I’ve seen great music go unnoticed my whole life, including from my good friends. Looking forward and imagining this system not only helping musicians, but all kinds of creators goes beyond my wildest imagination.”

The Future of Content Creation + Curation isn’t just a platform; it’s a vision for a new world where co-creation is cherished and rewarded. PURPLE, BLUX, and SOL are more than just tokens; they are the building blocks of a dynamic and decentralized co-creative economy.
The platform is dedicated to harmonizing humans, collectives, and Gaia, revolutionizing what it means to come together as humans and co-create. isn’t the next Reddit — it’s something much bigger.
So, let’s step into the future. If you are a content creator or a user wanting to join the new era of the co-creative economy,

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Current X Change is dedicated to harmonizing Humans, Collectives, and Gaia. Our media Mapps are just the start. As we refine Purple, we also seek to redefine what it means to come together as humans and co-create. We hope you’ll enjoy the tools already here, and are infinitely stoked for what the future holds.

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