🌕 Moon Meet 5: Unity in groups of people moving towards a shared goal

Meet with Tribe 🪶 to talk about Unity in groups of people moving towards a shared desire. lu.ma/cxc

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5 min readAug 13, 2022


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What does this mean?

Reaching a collective goal.

Why this topic?

Here in Tribe, we desire to create a DHO that feels.. human. We’ve got a clothing line as our uniform, and a shared love of music. Yet, more than clothes, more than dapps, almost more than music, we seek to improve how we get together in positive ways.

How will this happen in Tribe?

Through agreeing on our living Vision Temple:

Vision 👁
A world where every creative expression may shine through organic, local support to become a global sensation.

Mission 🎶

To provide tools to nourish budding creators into full bloom. To seed a culture that value genuine creative expression as a key to unlocking the full human experience. Bioharmony. Sound Healing. A Human experience that is rich, abundant, and allows each individual to fulfill their declared destiny in a collective world.

Pillars ⚙️
Biomimetic Economics 🟣🔵🟡
Blockchain Media Standards
Collectable Media
Catalyzing direct artist-fan [creator-enjoyer] relationships
Global Music Map
Tribe of Valued + Rewarded + Recognized Volunteers [Creators]
Sourcing vision from cXc Tribe
Musical Gatherings on celestial events

Foundation 🏛

..and we left our Conjurer concept sketch is at the bottom of this message.


Bring a friend and earn 12 PURPLE

​🔗🌳 Explore cXc: linktr.ee/cxc.world

Tribe Update

  • cXc Finished Helios Incubator light program (and we have an awesome pitch deck!)
  • Smart contract development resumed
  • Tribe Docs still not completed
  • Applying for funding for Public Goods (NFT standards + More)

Moon Meet 5 Agenda


  • Introductions (2–3 min each person)


  • On-topic Discussion

Share ideas

Spirit: Vision

  • Share the brightest vision you can imagine for a world unified around individuals grouping together towards common desires.

End Meeting (80min meet cutoff time)

Learn More about cXc Tribe

​🏛🎶 cXc Tribe Temple

Meetings may be recorded recorded and published through our Youtube. As a participant, you agree to share your vision + words publicly. We don’t operate in secret. We like to share the vision section each month.

​​cXc Tribe is a paid-volunteer organization devoted to empowering people to empower people, currently through the lens of music and biomimetic economics. peakd.com/hive-179421/@currentxchange/cxc-tribe-is-lighting-our-fire-walk-beside-us-to-a-more-musical-world

Dive into cXc Beta: youtube.com/watch?v=coNc4iJB7OM

​See you soon

​​Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/jjg-trrz-ngz

​​🤜💥🤛 Douglas

Appendix A

Rewarding Manifestations

You deserve to be rewarded for valuable contributions to cXc.

Each month, we’ll meet to decide who has done the most valuable work, and reward them with up to 3x bonus PURPLE (256 PURPLE total for top Conjurer)

The “Why”

cXc Tribe is about doing what you want, with a core focus on cultivating creative culture, manifested by empowering people to empower people towards this goal. To make it collaborative, each member should have an idea of what other members are working on, and know what that Conjurer needs to further along on the chosen path.

For those truly passionate about helping musicians through cXc + beyond, this is an opportunity to contribute your value, and be recognized and rewarded for providing this value.

How it Works

Manifestation Moon Meets are open for all registered tribe.

Each person seeking reward must publish a short post of contributions to a Hive (Other text-based platforms like Medium are acceptable) article and then comment the link (TBD where). Template WIP

All who attend the Manifestation Moon Meet will be asked to vote for up to 3 Conjurers who deserve extra rewards (not ranked, just 1–3 people you think deserve more). Votes will be tallied, and runoffs will be held in-meeting if needed.

Do I need to show up at the Manifestation Meeting?

Attendance isn’t required to receive votes, just the post using the template. If you attend, you are allowed to vote for yourself, and get time to convince others of the value of your contribution.

Complete Meeting Format

Max Meeting time: 1 hour 20 minutes

<15 min — Entry + announce mystery prize
15 min — Introductions, focusing on new members
~30 min — Show contributions (3–5 minutes each, depending on # who need to present)
~10 min — Collaborative Search: Share what/who you need to take your current path forward

Mystery Raffle Rewards

On unannounced Mystery months, a cunning Conjurer will win a prize of BLUX, NFT(s), or physical cXc Swag. This “Mystery” prize will be awarded to the first participant who solves a spoken riddle.

See all the physical cXc Swag and our Music NFT collection

Conjurers Template

Use this template to organize your contributions to show off to Tribe.

But first, familiarize yourself with how sections work.

Conjurers Sections


These are contributions that were delivered in the month, and are the primary thing we are rewarding (see weights explanation at bottom)

Weight = 61.8% (1-ϕ)

Still Rolling

These recurring contributions have been previously delivered and are still actively delivering measurable value in the previous month, and will continue into the future.

Examples: Articles or videos about cXc that have measurable traffic still, recurring social media posts or automatic sharing of content from cXc.

Weight = 23.6% (ϕ³)

In the Bag

Keep a one-line+link of your completed works here, and add to it each month you do something you are proud of.

Weight = 14.6% (ϕ⁴)

In the Works

These are contributions that you are planning but have not delivered. These aren’t heavily rewarded, but we encourage you to share a bit on what you are working on, you may find help!

Weight = 0 (ϕ-ϕ)

Weights suggest how voters should value one type of contribution compared to another to ensure fresh contributions are always the top-rewarded activities.

Conjurer rewards were inspired by Fractally

📸 Brett Sayles (1) + Chait Goli (2)

See you 🌕 lu.ma/cxc



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