How to mint Music NFTs on EOS in 5 minutes 👨‍🎤🎶

cXc’s Music NFT Standard takes the guesswork (and real work) out of Music NFTs 🖼

If you’re a musician exploring the NFT space, you have many options to mint your NFT.

Our friends at YoshiDrops lists in USD, ETH, and WAX

NFTs on EOS Background

Prefer to watch?

Step 1: Create your collection on Atomichub

Click “Create New Collection”
Market fee is the % you’ll collect in royalties when anyone trades your NFTs in the future

Step 2: Create your schema using cXc’s Standard

When you hit submit, you’ll be ready to roll

Step 3: Make a Music NFT Template

To make our template, we can use’s NFT creator
Leave off `img` and fill `video` for a video thumbnail, then put desired images in promo or backimg

Step 4: Mint your Music NFTs

When you mint your assets, you have the chance to fill in data you left blank in the template, allowing for custom messages to fans + more.

Congratulations, you minted your first Music NFT on EOS 👏🥳👏

How to Apply for Whitelisted + Verified Status

What media standard should cXc make next? 🎨🎭



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