How to mint Music NFTs on EOS in 5 minutes 👨‍🎤🎶

cXc’s Music NFT Standard takes the guesswork (and real work) out of Music NFTs 🖼

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4 min readFeb 5, 2022

Stick around to the end for info on our Music NFT map. This article was sponsored by a Pomelo grant

If you’re a musician exploring the NFT space, you have many options to mint your NFT.

Our friends at YoshiDrops lists in USD, ETH, and WAX

So why EOS?
Minting on EOS has the advantage of being much cheaper to mint and transact than most other chains, including chains heralded for low fees like Polygon and Solana. Because there are less NFTs on EOS, yet most of the same tools available to WAX, the “King of NFTs”, it’s natural that there’s a vacuum of potential waiting to be filled. Right now, Q1 2022, EOS is in the midst of a renaissance, and it’s the perfect time to get your musical creations on the market early by creating one of the first Music NFT collection on EOS, your own.

NFTs on EOS Background

We’ll be using Atomic Assets NFT standard + platform to create our NFTs. To learn how minting on Atomic works, check out this guide first.

Prefer to watch?

Step 1: Create your collection on Atomichub

On click NFT Creator at the top

Click “Create New Collection”
Market fee is the % you’ll collect in royalties when anyone trades your NFTs in the future

Step 2: Create your schema using cXc’s Standard

Using cXc’s Music NFT standard (really a schema recommendation) you will have all the data you need to create future Music NFT templates.

Pt. 1 On the standard’s github page copy the Simplified Standard using the copy icon in the top right of the code block, or by selecting the code and ctrl/cmd+c.

Pt. 2: Head to and search for `atomicassets` then click `contract` => `actions` and finally `createschema` (or hop there directly)

Next, paste the code you copied earlier in the last field, and then fill out the rest with your collection name, and make up a new schema name.

When you hit submit, you’ll be ready to roll

Step 3: Make a Music NFT Template

Templates, which fill NFT data according to a schema, will allow for any number of the same or similar Music NFTs to be minted for a low RAM cost, lower than other options for NFTs like Simple Assets.

To make our template, we can use’s NFT creator

Elect to study your new schema to plan the attributes ahead of time, or even make a custom schema. Get your media ready by uploading it on piñ or another IPFS provider.

For the attributes that are arrays in the full schema, `credits` and `platforms`, feel free to use this format “Attribute: Value, Drummer: Ken Powers” or make up your own. URLs do not need the https:// in `platforms` in my personal experience.

Remember, if you leave off the `img` field, the `video` field will default as the thumbnail. Be sure to preview the NFT, including thumbnail, on atomichub and other platforms to see how it looks before minting the first real NFT on your template. You can’t delete templates or schemas if you mess up, but you can just make a new one.

Leave off `img` and fill `video` for a video thumbnail, then put desired images in promo or backimg

Step 4: Mint your Music NFTs

Once you’ve got your template, the hard work is done. Simply head over to the asset minter on atomichub to mint as many NFTs as you wish. Then you can list them for sale, send them to friends, anything you like!

Get there: NFT Creator ▶️ View Collection ▶️ Click Schema ▶️ Mint New NFT

When you mint your assets, you have the chance to fill in data you left blank in the template, allowing for custom messages to fans + more.

Assuming you had enough RAM, you should now have NFTs in your wallet or any wallet you put in the “NFT Owner” field.

Congratulations, you minted your first Music NFT on EOS 👏🥳👏

You can now send them to your friends, fans, and even sell them, all via Explore what you can do with Atomic, and with other EOS tools, and happy minting!

How to Apply for Whitelisted + Verified Status

On Atomichub, being whitelisted or verified (verified requires legal entity) shows buyers you are who you say you are. Get verified at this link:

What media standard should cXc make next? 🎨🎭

Let us know on Discord
Find the Invite link +more on 🔗

Please Note: Rick and Morty was used as a fun example, not to actually mint or sell. Be sure you own rights to all content you put on NFTs.



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