cXc Update + Who will get October’s Music NFT drop? 🖼🎸 Top 100 Collectors + Pools coming + more

Another frog??

cXc Music
4 min readOct 5, 2022


This month, win one of three versions of the Make Sense music NFTs.

We’ll be doing a random drop TOMORROW, including and one MYSTERY NFT that isn’t a frog. If you get that one, share in our Discord

After that, there will be no more free frog drops, and you may find yourself wishing for more frogs 🧙‍♂️🐸

So why not enjoy your frogs before they hop away? I know I will!!

Look out for NFT pools coming soon

Announced THIS WEEK in Discord + tg

Why pools?

Stake NFTs and get PURPLE, why not??

Backstory: I had decided a while back not to open any pools. But why??, as this will only make it easier for more people to get onto the top 100 list, and provide utility to other holders of the collection.

With the recent price + upcoming increases on cxcmusicnfts this should spice things up.

cXc Tribe 💫

We are currently changing the format to the meetings to be contributor-focused. You can preview those plans on Github, with an announcement planned this week.

The idea has been evolving as I actively participate in Eden, Fractally, and the Eden Fractal. My desire is to better reward contributors with PURPLE tokens every week.

We’ll later decide how/if to continue the previous Moon Meet model.

Each month, our top 100 collectors receive a Music NFT, dropped direct-to-wallet. Here’s the lucky list this month 🖼🎶

Top 100 collectors of cXcMusicNFTs

klmay.wam has 224 NFTs.
funkaclaucxc has 71 NFTs.
cxcworldmapp has 70 NFTs.
1jnkemnsthnf has 55 NFTs.
jyifc.wam has 49 NFTs.
fs1r2.wam has 45 NFTs.
gqcr4.wam has 44 NFTs.
5qmb4.wam has 40 NFTs.
hhobi.wam has 39 NFTs.
nsdbk.wam has 39 NFTs.
dknvc.wam has 37 NFTs.
3mqqu.wam has 31 NFTs.
5pqqy.wam has 31 NFTs.
z4hb.wam has 31 NFTs.
nwkty.wam has 30 NFTs.
3l1qy.wam has 29 NFTs.
ma4qw.wam has 29 NFTs.
godsolislove has 28 NFTs.
xynum.wam has 28 NFTs.
zvnr4.wam has 28 NFTs.
hkka4.wam has 27 NFTs.
dl1rm.wam has 26 NFTs.
ansb.wam has 25 NFTs.
w.dak.wam has 25 NFTs.
2u3r2.wam has 24 NFTs.
kj2ay.wam has 24 NFTs.
uping.c.wam has 24 NFTs.
dnkvc.wam has 23 NFTs.
4ryr.wam has 22 NFTs.
ip4ay.wam has 21 NFTs.
3um.q.c.wam has 20 NFTs.
iamandsoareu has 20 NFTs.
qrzco.wam has 20 NFTs.
tcgb.wam has 20 NFTs.
currentxchng has 19 NFTs.
nzer.wam has 19 NFTs.
vkuru.wam has 19 NFTs.
ihpr2.wam has 18 NFTs.
4k5gy.wam has 17 NFTs.
ee1qm.wam has 17 NFTs.
s.taco has 17 NFTs.
3viqo.wam has 16 NFTs.
ehrbq.wam has 16 NFTs.
jeams.c.wam has 16 NFTs.
le1qu.wam has 16 NFTs.
lknr2.wam has 16 NFTs.
lwbba.wam has 16 NFTs.
lxpqq.wam has 16 NFTs.
5plg2.wam has 15 NFTs.
dn3fi.wam has 15 NFTs.
obimq.c.wam has 15 NFTs.
sptbm.wam has 15 NFTs.
4qrkm.c.wam has 14 NFTs.
bovbc.wam has 14 NFTs.
chuuo.wam has 14 NFTs.
d32r4.wam has 14 NFTs.
dgnwu.wam has 14 NFTs.
dniay.wam has 14 NFTs. has 14 NFTs.
ug2r2.wam has 14 NFTs.
cb1hc.wam has 13 NFTs.
nblig.wam has 13 NFTs.
q45rw.wam has 13 NFTs.
rbsrc.wam has 13 NFTs.
tw2ra.wam has 13 NFTs.
wall.gems has 13 NFTs.
atomicmarket has 12 NFTs.
d3tbm.wam has 12 NFTs.
dpqqw.wam has 12 NFTs.
esnqw.wam has 12 NFTs.
kvqr.wam has 12 NFTs.
lwlsi.wam has 12 NFTs.
mjpwy.wam has 12 NFTs.
mpvee.wam has 12 NFTs.
p3sr2.wam has 12 NFTs.
rwdwk.wam has 12 NFTs.
sa1qu.wam has 12 NFTs.
sd2oa.wam has 12 NFTs.
yfpau.wam has 12 NFTs.
yi5sk.wam has 12 NFTs.
a1hd.wam has 11 NFTs.
atcb.wam has 11 NFTs.
eguxo.wam has 11 NFTs.
ek1.a.c.wam has 11 NFTs.
hhyb4.wam has 11 NFTs.
okbba.wam has 11 NFTs.
rspay.wam has 11 NFTs.
whmcg.wam has 11 NFTs.
yoqaw.wam has 11 NFTs.
yx3qw.wam has 11 NFTs.
11exk.wam has 10 NFTs.
dbof.wam has 10 NFTs.
f4jrk.wam has 10 NFTs.
grtr.wam has 10 NFTs.
i2kbc.wam has 10 NFTs.
tvqty.wam has 10 NFTs.
dkgbw.wam has 9 NFTs.
hottothemoon has 9 NFTs.
ht2b4.wam has 9 NFTs.
iupds.wam has 9 NFTs.

To Get into the Top Collectors

You must only stock up + hold music NFTs from our collection.

🎒 Stock Up to get on the list.

  • Daily GOLD rewards direct-to-wallet
  • Collection Staking
  • Monthly OC Music NFT from cXc’s founder

All the best,

  • Douglas from cXc


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