Blockchain music service cXc Music debuts “Gold Version” of Music Mapp, Teases Beta Release on WAX Blockchain

One Dapp already turning heads gets a fresh, gilded makeover, and teases fans with what’s to come.

Today, Current X Change LLC released a new version of their flagship web app, cXc Music Gold Version ( This release features an improved interface, with brand new map themes and updated dot styles. Gold Version is the final minor version of Alpha before cXc Music will move to the highly-anticipated Beta release, which will include advanced geotemporal music charts and an economic system built on the WAX blockchain.

cXc Music is a colorful mapp (map app) of music that any artist can use as a free platform to get their music heard. Gold Version features three new map styles:

  1. Gold Version, which will be the default until Beta is released,
Pachamama Style

When an artist adds their music, by simply double-clicking the location recorded, it shows up as a small dot. As listeners upvote the music, it becomes bigger, increasing the chances a visitor will find it.

Already, the mapp is home to over a thousand pieces of unique music from around the world, which are color-coded by Genre. A quick look at shows that the majority of music has been posted to United States and Europe, and the most popular genres are Hip Hop and Electronic.

How to Apply a new Map Style

Go to 📱 + 💻

Click 🗺️ Style -> 🗺️ Background


🟨 Gold Version 🟨 ⬛

🎃 Pumpkin 🟧 🟪

🌍 Pachamama 🟦 🟩

cXc Music’s creator Douglas Butner had this to say about the release.

“Gold Version symbolizes the first ray of light shining as we open the door to the future. Minor release is mostly cosmetic, but it signals that we are just one step away from Beta, where the real magic starts.”

That magic is the world’s first curation system based on time-backed currency, a concept that Douglas believes will cause a massive redistribution of attention and information flow.

“Time-backed currency, given freely to each individual can be applied to re-shape how information flows and where attention goes. I believe this idea can change everything from media to society itself, and music is a wonderful place to start.”

Experience Gold Version at on mobile or desktop.

Press Info

Release Date
28 October 2020

Company Info
Current X Change LLC (cXc) is a software company based in Maryland, USA. For more info about cXc, visit

Contact Info
Douglas Butner

Our platform helps you find locally recorded music, and enables musicians to collaborate. Mobile-friendly web app @